Nursing Care Plan for Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis occur when fecal material becomes lodged in these pouches causing inflammation and bacterial invasion.

Nursing Diagnosis: Pain related to physical injuring agents (bacterial invasion) causing edema, irritability, spasm of colon.

Expected Outcomes: Relief or control of pain evidenced by verbalization that pain reduced or absent.

Nursing intervention with rationale:
I. Assess for:
A. Intermittent abdominal pain in left lower quadrant, cramping.
Rationale: Indicates diverticulosis.

B. Severity, type of pain, referred back pain, abdominal guarding, flexed knees, mass in left lower quadrant.
Rationale: Data for possible diverticulitis.

II. Administer:
A. Analgesic (acetaminophen, aspirin, codeine)
Rationale: Acts to reduce pain by interrupting CNS pain pathways.

B. Anticholinergic (propatheline).
Rationale: Acts to control muscle spasm.

III. Perform/Provide
A. Bedrest, reduced stimuli
Rationale: Reduces pain perception.


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